Our Team



Marc-André Regnier

Before founding Regnier Mediation, Marc-André Regnier spent most of his career working in labour relations, specifically in the areas of occupational health and safety, negotiation, and human resource management. He has held senior executive positions in associations that are active in sectors with wide-ranging cultures, such as construction, high technology and, more recently, social economy enterprises, including Quebec's child care centres in particular.
His multi-faceted career reflects his resilient, empathetic and respectful character. He recognizes that individual needs are the most important part of the dispute resolution process, which makes him an ardent defender of alternative methods of preventing and resolving disputes. In his practice, he has observed the high stress levels that affect individuals who are involved in a litigious situation that ends up being resolved in court, which is why his creed is "do things differently."
Mtre. Regnier is a member in good standing of the Quebec Bar, the Canadian Bar Association, and the Institut de médiation et d’arbitrage du Québec (IMAQ). He is a certified mediator in family, civil, commercial and labour matters and has a Bachelor of Law, as well as a certificate in occupational health and safety.





Mtre. Lucie Marier
Lawyer and mediator

Since 1991, Mtre. Marier has executed engagements as a legal representative and counsel in construction disputes as part of her legal practice in civil law, real estate law and labour law. More specifically, she has put her talent and expertise to work for buyers who run into problems with hidden vices. She has also acquired a great deal of expertise in negotiation and labour relations. Beyond legal representation, she feels it is important to inform her clients of the advantages of other dispute resolution methods, such as mediation.
In fact, since 2004, Lucie has been hired to mediate small civil and commercial claims cases, and since 2010, she has been a mediator in family and psychological harassment cases. Lucie sees mediation as an innovative way for each individual in a conflict to develop and agree on satisfactory solutions in a humane and constructive environment. As society continues to become better informed and concerned about its rights, mediation provides a great opportunity to those who want to resolve or prevent disputes in a different way.  
Mtre. Marier has a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Secondary Education and is a member in good standing of the Quebec Bar and the Institut de médiation et d’arbitrage du Québec (IMAQ), where she sits on the Certification Committee. She was previously a member of its Board of Directors and its Executive Committee until April 2012. Lucie has also built her excellent reputation by being a member of the Quebec Bar’s Participatory Justice Committee.


Geneviève Regnier
Geneviève Regnier works periodically with our team as an organizational analyst. Just like all of our team members, she is firmly convinced that mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods are extremely effective.   
Dispute mediation in organizations often reveals the hidden part of the iceberg, which may involve greater structural or management problems that are a lot less apparent than the main issue of the dispute. If these problems are not solved at their root, similar types of conflicts will often recur. Through feedback surveys and other proven techniques, Geneviève is often able to uncover fundamental problems in organizations.     
Geneviève has a Bachelor of Psychology from the Université de Montréal and a DESS (advanced graduate diploma) in Business Management and is now finishing a Master of Organizational Development at HEC Montreal.