About us

The objective of Regnier Mediation is to provide mediation services to anyone interested in resolving a dispute in a humane and effective way using an alternative dispute resolution method that focuses on the needs of the individuals or businesses involved and the specifics of the case rather than procedural formalities, binding court or administrative decisions, and conflict. We firmly believe that mediation is the best way to resolve disputes, and our mediation approach tries to maintain the interpersonal and business relations that are necessary for any organization to run smoothly.

Regnier Mediation can also provide tools to individuals or organizations in a situation that requires the intervention of a neutral, impartial party to help promote dialogue and cooperation and prevent the situation from degenerating into a conflict.

We are committed to providing an accessible, competent and professional service: This means that all individuals and businesses that use our services can count on a respectful, confidential, and impartial mediation process that meets their specific needs.